Monday, March 26, 2012

Prepare For Emergencies with a Safe from Safes AtoZ

I am a pretty cautious person. You never know when life is going to slap you in the face and you need to be prepared to deal with a particular issue; for example, when your computer crashes, a pipe begins to leak, you lose power or water, etc. As a result of my cautious personality, I keep batteries and gallons of water stocked. I recently bought a new hard drive to back up my laptop. Lastly, we have enough food in the pantry to feed a small army. However, one extremely important thing I have forgotten is to purchase a safe, one that can hold all our essential documents and valuables. You never know when you might have a pipe burst or a fire (God forbid). Being prepared with a safe can help prevent documents and valuables from being destroyed and who wouldn’t want this?

Safes AtoZ provides a large variety of safes in small, medium, and large sizes and can be purchased with locks that are electronic, combination, key, or key & combination. I was impressed with the sheer variety of home safes that are available. Since we only need a small sentry fire safe, I was eyeing this Sentry Safe Waterproof 1 Hour Fire Chest. It costs $74 and there is free shipping, which I feel is worth the cost to provide peace of mind in case of an emergency.


*Disclaimer: I received monetary compensation for this post.  However, the opinions expressed here are my own and are not influenced by any compensation.

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  1. This is such a smart thing to have!



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