Thursday, March 15, 2012

Google + Hop - 3/15

Welcome to the Google + blog hop with The Spring Mount 6 Pack and Tidbits From A Mom. There are many changes with social media going including new additions, and we are thrilled to be hosting this hop. This hop is open to everyone, everywhere. If you do not have Google + no need to fret, it is easy to sign up. Do you have a gmail account? If not, sign up for your free account, then in your Google tool bar click on + YOU to create your Google + account. Piece of cake!

The hop takes place on Thursdays. To join the hop, you need to add the hosts to one of your circles, then we will add you back. Add your Google + personal or blog page (on your home screen you will see an option to start a page) to the linky below. Your hosts for this hop are The Spring Mount 6 Pack, Tidbits From A Mom,and Show Me The Prizes.

Add others who have linked up to the hop to your Google + circles. You do not need to write on their Google + wall, but can if you like. It is appreciated if you help spread the word of this hop by adding the hop button. This is a great way to connect since the changes with Google Friend Connect.

When you +1 a post, page, article etc you will have the chose to decide who you share it with. Anyone in the circle you share with will see what you +1ed.

Since this is new to many people, if you have any questions, just let us know. We are happy to help. Thanks for hopping with us.

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