Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Find the best deals on cable, internet, and phone services with Connect Your Home

Our family lives in a small suburban town; however, it feels as though we live in the middle of nowhere. We actually can’t even have a pizza delivered to our home! We didn’t have too many options from which to choose for service providers for cable, phone, internet, etc. My husband and I placed our house on the market at the beginning of July. Fingers crossed, we will sell this house and move to an area that is a little bit more developed and we will have more options, not only for where to buy our groceries, but also for service providers.

I was recently introduced to Connect Your Home. Connect Your Home is a company that assists its customers in finding services, including those for television, phone, internet, home security, and wireless devices. Through a phone call or online form submission, you can receive assistance in finding the right services for your home for the right price. As I have mentioned on here numerous times, I really don’t have the ability to talk on the phone during normal business hours. Therefore, to make phone calls in order to gather information to compare prices is nearly impossible for me. I like that there is a company that can help me do this quickly and efficiently.

In viewing their website, one of the main services that caught my eye was the Dish Hopper and Whole Home DVR Service. I do not have as much time to watch television as I used to. With two children, working full-time, taking care of the home, and being a small business owner, there is very little time left over. However, there are particular shows that I love and I am ever so thankful that we have the DVR to tape them so that I can watch them at odd hours in order to catch up.

One thing that I have found really annoying though is that I can only watch the taped shows in the family room. This is inconvenient because my husband may have a game on and he wants to watch it on the larger screen. We have two additional televisions in the house and I can’t use either of them. Actually, they are rarely used. I also find it annoying that only two programs can be taping at once. There are some occasions when I have a couple of shows taping and my daughter wants to tape something.

The Dish Hopper and Whole Home DVR Service allows customers to have a Hopper DVR with up to three additional “Joey” receivers. This system enables you to have DVR service, in which you can pause, rewind, and play live and taped programs in up to four rooms! The systems also allows for DVR taped programs to be shared amongst all the televisions in your home. Lastly, you can tape up to six HD programs at once using PrimeTime Anytime™. Essentially, the PrimeTime Anytime™ feature records about 100 hours of shows during primetime on ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox and saves them for you. This is a huge amount of programming that is saved and available for you to view for 8 days. Basically, the Dish Hopper and Whole Home DVR Service solves all of my gripes for my current system.

The other service that I would be interested in learning more about is their Home Phone Service. My husband and I were talking recently about our bills and the fact that we need to cut corners in multiple areas. We don’t have options for phone service right now, but if we can move out of this area, our options could broaden. Connect Your Home can help people find the best promotions and deals for your home service provider, which I would obviously be open to hearing. Connect Your Home carries major phone providers - AT&T, Charter, Comcast, and Time Warner Cable.

I’m not sure whether we will be able to sell our home or not, but I’m certainly looking forward to the possibility of saving some money and improving our home services.

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Connect Your Home. However, the opinions expressed here are my own and are not influenced by compensation.
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  1. I found out some great news about Dish’s PrimeTime Anytime feature last week, since I work for them. Now the Hopper will not only let you choose if you want one or all of the four major networks to record with PrimeTime Anytime, but you can also save those recordings until you decide to delete them. I know that my husband and I had a hard time watching all of those shows within eight days, and with school about to start it would be nearly impossible since our youngest son of four boys will be starting school this year. So I’ll be spending more time playing the cab driver for my boys. We so far lover our Hopper and Joeys! I know finding time to do the things that need to be done can be tough, but I’m sure you’ll pull through, Kimberly. Good luck with the house!



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