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Guest Post: Ways to include children in a wedding ceremony

When you bring your kids to your wedding ceremony, you let them transition to the new relationship. On this special day, the bride and the groom not only tie the knot, but they also form a family with their partner's children. So, without a doubt, this day is special not even as a couple, but as a family. Listed below are the ways to include children in your wedding ceremony:

1. Include family vows

Including family vows in your wedding ceremony is as important as saying the wedding vows. Like you’re would be, his/her children are going to be a major part of your life. Say vows to your son or daughter after the exchanging the wedding vows. The family vows say that you all are a part of a family now. The groom promises the bride's son or daughter that he will give him/her endless love and care and vice-versa. You tell them that they are special for both of you. This way he feels comfortable and happy!

2. Gift a watch

After exchanging the wedding and family vows, you can gift a watch to the child from both of you. It would be a perfect idea if you engrave it on the back. This special gift will mark the important day of you and your child's life. He will cherish this special day, every time he will look at this watch.

3. Gift red roses

Red rose is a symbol of love. If your kids are grown up, they'll understand its meaning well. After exchanging the rings and the wedding vows, you can gift him/her a rose. By this gesture, you tell them how much you love and care. Hold the rose together while gifting it and do not forget to mark a kiss on his forehead and give him a warm hug.

4. Put children's names in vows

Ask your officiant in advance to put the names of children in the vows. As you both say them vows including their names, they will feel special and will consider your would be as a family. They are going to be a major part of your partner's life, so putting their names in vows creates an emotional bond.

5. Sand ceremony

Including the sand ceremony in your wedding is a cute idea for a strong bonding. It goes like this: if your partner has one child, then you will need four vessels - one large and three small and three different colored sands. Then saying vows, the bride, groom and the child pour sand on the containers. Their names are included in the vows.

The separate vessels represent each member's individual life at that moment. They then pour their sands from the separate vessels into the big one. This symbolizes the unity of that family. The message of this ceremony is, like the combined sand cannot be separated and poured again into the separate vessels, in the same way, a family once united cannot be separated. This ceremony is sweet and leaves a message in your and your children's heart.

Be very careful while involving your kids in your wedding ceremony. A little mistake can spoil your relationship with them. Let them play a crucial role on this very special day.


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