Friday, January 6, 2012

ChildUp Learning Game Cards & Early Zoo App Review

My son is amazing us on a daily basis with the words he is learning and his improved language skills. He does not have the interest in listening to books as much as my daughter did at his age, but he does like to look at the pictures. He has a short attention span, which is completely normal for his young age, but it makes me wonder how much more he could be learning. I have been eager to find an educational tool or game that will peak my son’s interest. I was intrigued to hear about a company called ChildUp. After years of research, the ChildUp Team created several educational tools, including the ChildUp Online Parenting Courses, the ChildUp Early Learning Game Cards, the ChildUp Early Learning Applications, and the ChildUp Early Learning Method.

I was fortunate to be able to review the ChildUp Early Learning Game Cards and the Early Zoo Application. I received both the Teach Your Child to Count to 10 – Math & Logic #1 Game Cards and the Teach Your Child to Count to 20 – Math & Logic #2 Game Cards. These game cards are meant to be used with children aged 1 to 5. Each pack features quality cards with adorable animals that teach children to count, learn the symbols for the numbers, as well as provide the first steps to learning addition. First off, I was impressed with the overall quality of the packaging, the cards, and the illustrations. I was also impressed with the amount of information that ChildUp provides to parents within such a small box. The information provided to parents discusses the process of learning and language development from infancy, the influence that parents can have on their children’s learning, and general information on how to best utilize the cards. I love the fact that this box can be kept in the car, diaper bag, purse, etc. and pulled out for “on the go” learning wherever you are.

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We are still in the process of using these cards with my son. He has not yet learned to count to 10, but again, he has a short attention span, and is “on the go”. He will briefly look at the cards prior to moving on. He very clearly enjoys looking at the animals and repeating their names back to me. He will attempt to copy my counting, but cannot yet say the numbers clearly with the exception of “Two”. You can tell by the up and down of his intonation that he is trying to copy us though, which is a start! I like the fact that the cards come in four different theme sets of animals, including Domestic Animals, Birds, Aquatic Animals, and African Mammals.

My son absolutely loves the Early Zoo Application that we downloaded for our iPad. He works with the iPad very well and knows how to flip the pages and press the button to hear the animal sounds. He repeats the name of the animal to me as well. He is so proud of learning the names and being able to communicate with us. I can see that this App is going to be a favorite of his for a long time!


I recommend both the ChildUp Learning Game Cards and the Early Zoo Application to parents. They are wonderful, quality tools to help support your child’s learning!

*Disclaimer: I did not receive monetary compensation for this post.  I received free products for the purpose of this review.  The opinions expressed here are my own. 
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