Sunday, January 22, 2012

Goalforit Chore Chart Review


I am a big fan of lists and charts – it’s the OCD in me I guess. I often create behavioral charts for my students and my daughter has had chore charts in the past. One observation I have made is that my daughter, similar to so many other children, wants to earn money or a reward, but is not overly thrilled with completing the chores or maintaining the chart.

Goalforit is a website that allows parents and children to create personalized charts for behavior, chores, and goals. You can also create lists to help with organization. This website is perfect my family! I was most interested in creating a chore chart for my daughter because this is a daily/weekly struggle for us. I wanted to be able to create a chart that clearly lists what we expect of her.


The chart took just minutes to create – it was super easy. You are given two different chore chart options – one for kids and one for tweens and teens. My daughter is only eight, so I chose the chart for kids. I plugged in her name, age, gender, and how often I wished to receive an email to remind us about the chart (I chose weekly, although you do have the option of not having a reminder email sent at all).

You are provided a whole slew of design themes from which to choose. My daughter chose the “Rocker” because she stated that this is her “style”. We then selected the chores we wanted to include. I kept it fairly simple – I didn’t want her to take a look and groan when she saw it. After choosing all the tiles you would like added, you can easily maneuver the boxes so they are in the right order by clicking on the up and down arrows. You can also dictate on which days you would like certain chores completed. For example, I am only asking my daughter to help me with the laundry on Sundays. In addition to Chores & Responsibilities, there are categories for Behavior, Healthy Habits, and you are also given the option of creating your own custom tiles. Essentially, you can structure your whole child’s day on the chart. Once you have completed it, you have a colorful, fun chart for your child. The chart can be maintained online or printed out to place on the refrigerator.

One additional aspect of the chart that is worth mentioning is the ability to place weight on how much each chore/responsibility is worth in points. Points can be added towards a particular reward or they can represent the money that will be earned. This can certainly be very motivating for a child to see on their chart and help keep them focused on what they are working towards.

My daughter has reacted positively to her new chore chart. She states that it is “pretty” and she thinks it is “cool” that she can take care of it herself. I like the fact that it can be easily edited if we decide to change things around. I played around with creating a chart for my son for when the time is right to introduce one. We have yet to need one because he is so young, but once he is ready, I will certainly be inclined to create one on Goalforit!

*Disclaimer: I did receive monetary compensation for this post. I was asked to participate in this review as a Mom Select member. The opinions expressed here are my own.
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  1. What an awesome site! I will be using this, thanks for sharing!



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