Saturday, November 5, 2011

Stand Up For Comedy Special from American Family Insurance

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AmFam sponsored a new comedy special called the “Stand Up For Family Comedy Special”, which was hosted by Bill Bellamy.  These comedians are hilarious talking about funny memories they have of their family members.  There is one video I thought was hysterical by Bill Bellamy called “Momma Talk”.  He described how each time they went to someone else’s house, his mother would gather them together and have a little talk with them about their behavior and give them a warning.  Oh my gosh!  I was laughing because this is exactly what I have done with my own daughter!

I have a funny memory of my own that I like to share with people because it shows how mortifyingly embarrassing my southern Grandma could be.  My sister and I would go to visit my grandparents in North Carolina each summer while we were growing up.  My grandmother was always strangely concerned over whether my sister and I had had a “BM” that day.  She would ask us in the middle of supper in front of everyone or shout it from down the hallway, “DID YOU HAVE A BM TODAY??” (make sure you say this with a thick southern accent!)  If my daughter’s stomach hurts and I have had to ask her this same question, I think of my grandmother, and apologize to my daughter for having to ask.

I love that American Family Insurance created this Stand Up For Family comedy special and that the whole family can enjoy it.  Most comedy specials can’t (or shouldn’t I should say) be seen by kids.  I love sharing stories about my family with others and I love to hear hysterical stories as well.  There is nothing like family!! 

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