Saturday, August 27, 2011

Create a Photo Book with Shutterfly!


I think I have become somewhat of a hoarder of photos  I love taking pictures, printing them, and creating photo albums. There is no denying that it’s wonderful to be able to save photos on the computer and showcase them on sites such as Shutterfly, but I love to see them in print even more. My kids and I like to snuggle up and look at pictures together. We laugh about special moments and I tear up when I see family members that are gone.

Each year, I have created personalized photo calendars as Christmas gifts for our family members. I love that they are personalized and unique gifts. Even though my family members love the calendars, I believe I would like to mix it up this year and create photo books instead. Shutterfly’s photo books have so many different layouts and designs that allow you to create a wonderful keepsake for you, family members, or friends. You can use the “Simple Path”, which creates the book for you or you can use the new “Custom Path”, which allows you to custom design your book. Not only are there multiple sizes of books from which to choose, but there are so many themes! It is so easy – upload your photos and start designing!


Shutterfly has a large variety of products available for all occasions, including invitations, birth announcements, and Christmas cards! Shutterfly has such a variety of designs and themes. No matter what you choose, they will be eye-catching and memorable!

*Disclaimer: I did not receive monetary compensation for this post. As compensation, I will receive a free product. The opinions expressed here are my own.

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