Sunday, August 14, 2011

Go Back-to-School Shopping at Tiny Prints!


Back to school shopping is an exciting time. I love all the new clean clothes, shoes, and school supplies. Last year, my daughter entered first grade and it was complete chaos about a week prior to school starting. My daughter was supposed to attend school in the district in which I work because our own district does not have a before/afterschool program. However, the week prior to school starting, the before/after school program pulled out of the school. This made it impossible for her to attend there. I was going to have to leave my job in order to be available to pick her up from school. Thankfully, at the least minute, our neighbors came forward and offered to watch her. They saved us and we are forever thankful. I felt so sorry for daughter – she was so confused about it all. First grade is such a big year and she was so nervous. This year, she is going into second grade and is as cool as a cucumber. Our neighbors are going to once again watch her for us. I have all her medical forms filled out. We have shopped until we dropped. We are officially…dare I say...organized!

In addition to the excitement of our new found organization, I am heading back to work for the school year. This is a momentous year because my school building has undergone a massive renovation. The building was practically being torn apart as we worked last year and it was unbelievably stressful. My office has been moved and I now have a window. The building will be beautiful. After what seems like years, I am upbeat about returning to work.

Families have to purchase so much to be prepared for the start of school. Tiny Prints can help you to be prepared! They have so many adorable designs for lunchbox notes, labels, playdate cards, allergy cards, notebooks, and dorm decorations. They also have items for teachers and parents! As I've written about so often in the past, I love to personalize notebooks, labels, and cards.  Tiny Prints has adorable products.  Visit Tiny Prints today to see all the back-to-school products available today! 

*Disclaimer: I did not receive monetary compensation for this post.  I was compensated with a gift code as part of the Tiny Prints Blogging Program.  The opinions expressed here are my own.
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