Thursday, June 16, 2011

Homebars & Wine Racks from A Division of Cymax

I believe home bars and wine racks add class to a room.  They dress up the room overall.  I have a beautiful wine/liquor cabinet that my husband bought me, but I would love to have a home bar with bar stools as well (once my husband finishes the basement of course!).  We intend to make part of the basement a game room and I think a bar would look nice down there. The picture below is one that I think is absolutely beautiful and caught my eye instantly.  It's classy....and the dark tone matches my other furniture perfectly. This is the Hooker Furniture Glenhill Bar w/Polyurethane Top.


Within the vast number of home bars Cymax has to offer, by approximately sixteen brands, they also have contemporary home bars. These contemporary home bars are a more modern style. Although this contemporary home bar does not match the kind of fuurniture in my family room, I really like the glass tops on this home bar!  No need for a coaster!!  This is the Steven Home Mobile Cherry Bar Cabinet with Glass Top by Global Furniture USA.


In addition to home bars, has beautiful wine racks. As an alternative to the home bar in our finished basement, I could use a wine rack instead. This would save room and still provide a place for glasses and wine bottles. These same wine racks would also look so nice in my kitchen as well! The first piece is the Howard Miller Classic Cognac Hide A Home Bar in Hampton Cherry and the second piece is the Howard Miller Merlot Valley Wine and Spirits Console Home Bar.


Photobucket also provides buying guides, such as "How to Buy a Wine Rack for your Home", to assist buyers in their decorating.  I love this feature because I definitely need their help.  Please visit to view the numerous different choices that Cymay offers in home bars and wine racks! 
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  3. This is great info. I've been looking for wine racks lately, but I hadn't considered adding a home bar! But your pictures are so lovely; I think I'll consider renovating my kitchen a bit.



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