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Guest Post: Do Acai Berry Weight Loss Supplements Really Work?

The Acai Berry is, if its fans are to be believed, a cure for almost everything. Whether you're feeling down, tired, or just a few pounds over-weight, the Acai Berry can apparently help you. You can even get an Acai Berry weight loss supplement that will help you to get in shape for the summer.  The question is, how many of the touted claims of this super-fruit are real, and how many are just ways to make you part with your cash.

How Does Acai Berry Weight Loss Weight Loss Supplement Work?
The Acai Berry is rich in anti-oxidants, and proponents of Acai Berry weight loss say that these anti-oxidants can help to protect cells from damage. Those anti-oxidants can help prevent a number of diseases, including cancer and heart disease. Many Acai Berry diet promoters suggest that these anti-oxidants can also help you to "de-tox", essentially flushing out all the bad stuff in your system. Another thing that Acai Berry weight loss supporters believe is that the Mono-Unsaturated-Fatty-Acids (MUFAS) in the Acai Berry help to make you feel fuller for longer, preventing over-eating, and promoting weight loss.

Acai Berry Weight Loss - Fact or Fiction?
It's certainly true that the Acai Berry is a really healthy food, and it does contain a small amount of healthy fats in the form of MUFAS. The anti-oxidants are real too - although there isn't much in the form of evidence from clinical trials to support some of the grander claims as to the powers of those anti-oxidants. The question remains, though, how real are the Acai Berry weight loss claims?

Well, there is no quick fix for healthy, sustainable weight loss. Any person claiming otherwise is at best, misguided, and at worst, trying to scam people. With that said, the Acai Berry is a great food. It's tasty, it's healthy, and a serving has just 100 calories. It's hard to beat that. In conjunction with a healthy diet, Acai Berry weight loss supplements could be helpful. The health benefits of the berry in general are a big plus, and anything that is healthy and tasty is going to be a great help towards weight loss. If you're choosing berries over chocolate because the berries taste really good then you probably will lose weight. Not because the berries are magic, but because you end up consuming fewer calories.

If you do decide to try Acai products, be sure to read the label carefully. Many companies are trying to take advantage of the current super-foods trend by putting miniscule amounts of said foods into their processed and sugar-laden products, then selling their stuff as health food, for a massive mark-up. The health-food market is full of scammers, but if you take your time, do lots of research, and look for Acai Berry products that have a good reputation, you should be able to enjoy Acai Berry weight loss supplements as part of a healthy, balanced diet. Hopefully the extra energy from your new favourite smoothies will help you to get more exercise too.

This article was written by Amy Fowler on behalf of Which Acai Berry? Amy writes on many topics including acai berry weight loss supplements and other issues related to diet and slimming.
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