Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cryo Cell Cord Banking - Receive a free Baby Jogger City Stroller Mini!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of CryoCell International for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Cryo-Cell is a company that banks umbilical cord blood for new parents.  They have assisted over 230,000 parents do this since 1992.  There has been much controversy over the years regarding stem cell research and Cryo cell is working hard to develop ways to preserve stem cells in a noncontroversial way.  Stem cell research is stating that preserving cord blood could save lives in the future for people with numerous different diseases and cancer.

I have always wished that I had done this with my children’s cord blood.  Imagine being able to turn to the cord bank and save your life, your child’s life, etc.  It is worth every penny of the investment.
Cryo Cell also understands the fact that most women gain quite a bit if weight when they are pregnant and then have difficulty finding time to exercise once they have the baby.  I gained fifty pounds with both of my pregnancies.  The first time I was pregnant seven years ago, the weight really didn’t bother me because I was simply so elated to be pregnant after having lost two babies previously.  I ate and ate.  I loved being pregnant and the weight came off pretty quickly.  The second pregnancy was a totally different story.  I had loved my body.  I was in shape and my stomach was my most favorite feature.  The weight depressed me.  I couldn’t wait for my pregnancy to be over so that I could lose the weight and frankly, I had a miserable pregnancy because of this.  I have had trouble ever since my son’s birth with finding time to exercise because he refuses to sleep like a regular child!  I rely on going for a brief walks with him.  Walking him in his stroller is my only real exercise time.  Cryo Cell is having a special right now!  If you sign up for their signature U-cord service, you will receive a free Baby Jogger City Stroller Mini.  You can exercise and have the reassurance that you have taken steps to ensure your family’s future health.  That is peace of mind.

If you are interested, enroll today!
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