Thursday, June 23, 2011

Book Review: Think, Act, Love, Lose Weight - The 10 Secrets to Forever Weight Loss


I have been addicted to reading health-related books and cookbooks lately. I do not need to lose weight, just tone up a little, and improve my overall health. I attempt to cook healthy meals, but I think my family still has a bit further to go. I recently read "Think, Act, Love, Lose Weight: The 10 Secrets to Forever Weight Loss" by Shane Jeremy James. Shane Jeremy James lost 65 pounds and believes that others can easily shed weight by following his advice.

Think, Act, Love, Lose Weight discusses the need for people to alter their frame of mind in losing weight and gaining control over their health. The mind is a very powerful thing. If we don't have the right mindset, we won't be successful. Shane Jeremy James suggests closing your eyes and envisioning how you would like to look. He then discusses the need and process of forming clear goals and objectives as well as creating new habits.

This book is a wealth of information about the food we consume and how it negatively affects our bodies. Frankly, it scared me a bit. For example, the book discusses how meat and dairy, and protein overall, can be harmful to the body when too much is consumed. Uhhh...I had always been educated to eat protein, protein, protein, and limit carbs. The book provides all the information about healthy alternatives and recipes, including most foods I had never heard of (hemp milk, for example) and the benefits they have to the body. I can certainly see how people would shed weight by following his example!

Lastly, the book provides examples of exercises that can be done in conjunction with the diet. These are basic exercises that most of us know about and can be easily done at home. This is nice - no need for a gym membership!

I would love to see this book in action and even try some of the food suggestions. I do not envision my children being willing to eat the food discussed, but certainly many of the suggestions can be followed. For example, we rarely let our daughter drink soda, but we could improve on how much dairy we allow her. We could also snack more on sunflower and pumpkin seeds. I am going to be giving this book to my husband to read now and see what his thoughts are. Maybe the book will scare him into wanting to eat better as well!

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  1. I always love reading about health and fitness and implementing new things into my life style to help me be in better shape.



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