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Guest Post: Five Tips for Choosing a Wedding Guest Outfit

Family events and special occasions are a great time to show your style credentials but first you need to find that all important outfit. Luckily today there is plenty of advice on how best to dress for your shape, size and skin tone to get the right ingredients for a real show stopper. A-list star spangled gowns and red carpet maxi dresses are a must for night time glamour, for daytime it’s a completely different ball game. There’s lots to consider such as location, time of year and colour theme. Here are some tips on how to look and feel great in the perfect wedding outfit.
  1. Choose an outfit befitting the location
  2. Take a change of shoes
  3. Check out the colour theme
  4. Shop for your shape
  5. Dress for the season
Location - Where is the Venue?

Choose an outfit to suit the location. This is essential if you want to feel comfortable and confident in your choice of clothes. In addition to traditional church weddings, ceremonies are often performed in unusual locations and magical places such as castles, country houses, abbeys and popular attractions such as theme parks and sports stadiums.

These alternative wedding venues can have a more relaxed dress code giving you greater flexibility in colour and style. Beach weddings in particular are fun and less formal than a church or register office so shopping for an outfit will be like looking for some chic cruise-wear fashion more suitable for the Captain’s table.

Footwear - Glam Heels to Fabulous Flats

You may have found the perfect outfit for an outdoor wedding but give a little thought to your feet. Beach weddings are a growing trend where friends and family can enjoy the event as well as a vacation.  But how will you feel walking on a beach or on grass in high heels?  Be street wise and make sure you have a pair of designer flats or ballerina pumps handy for a quick change into something comfy yet just as stylish.

Colour Confidence - Is there a Theme?

Whether you are part of the wedding party, the mother of the bride (or groom) or an invited guest it is vital to find out if there is a particular theme for the wedding. The season’s penchant for colour clashing may work on the catwalk but it’s not recommended for weddings. Keep everyone happy including the bride and check out colour themes and the overall style and tone of the event.

Shop for your Shape

Experiment with different shades and colour tones that compliment you. You’ll be amazed how getting this right can transform the way you look and feel. Self help books and in store style advisors can help you find the colour groupings and the style of clothes that best suit your shape. This might be a dress that shows off an hourglass figure or two piece suits and shift styles for less curvaceous and petite ladies.

Occasion Dressing - Summer Through to Winter

The timing of the wedding will often determine the style of garment so the earlier you start looking the more likely you’ll find designs suitable for the season. Light floaty chiffon, lace and silk, pastels, florals and prints look lovely in spring and summer while velvet, brocade and thick satin look great in autumn and winter.
Rich warm shades, shawls and fur stoles tap into the winter scene too with the dress and matching coat a popular royal combination. Summertime dressing is more versatile with a myriad of colours and style options that can be worn not only to weddings but to a day at the races, christenings, black tie events and exotic holiday destinations.

Complete the Look

You have your outfit now its time for the fun bit. Finishing touches such as fancy feather fascinators is a favourite for many but the hat is making a comeback. Try out different types of hats and headbands to see what suits you but make sure you don’t disappear under a high crown of a small brimmed hat. If you’re going to wear a hat invest in a truly a spectacular one that you will enjoy wearing to other occasions. The next step is to buy some killer heels and a dainty clutch to complete the look.

After hours of shopping trips and trying on outfit after outfit you’ve finally found the look you feel happy and comfortable in. The great thing about shopping for a special occasion outfit is you get to explore the many ways clothing can be used to enhance or conceal to your advantage. Your choice of clothes and how you wear them shows your style, personality and will have a stunning impact. Everyone remembers a well dressed women so discovering what suits your body lines, shape and colouring will be time well spent.

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  2. Great Tips and nice article!

  3. Quite useful tips on choosing wedding guest outfit. Couple of weeks ago, I arranged my best friend’s wedding which was arranged at luxurious meeting space San Francisco. Bought perfect wedding dress for this event and everyone liked this. The dress color was my favorite!



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