Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Studypoint Tutoring

The world of education has certainly changed since I was younger. As a student in high school, I was a student who succeeded in the areas of reading and writing. I struggled terribly with math and sciences. My brain simply didn't seem to work the way others' worked. Even now, as an adult, I feel as though I just do not understand certain things in these areas, my eyes glaze over, and I begin to tune out what I am listening to. Then, I try to imagine what it must be like with for students nowadays with all the information they are required to learn prior to graduations. Students nowadays are fortunate enough to have computers, which we did not, and can google what they need to learn and receive help online. However, nothing can replace being able to work one on one with someone tutoring you.

Studypoint is a tutoring company that works with one on one with students in grades K-12 . Tutors can work with students in all major subject areas, including math, writing, reading, science, and foreign languages. In addition to their physical locations, Studypoint also provides in-home tutoring for subject areas as well as the SAT and ACT. Personally, I could have definitely used this when I was in high school because my mother did not have the availability to take me to a tutoring location with her busy schedule. I could have also used the one on one support to prepare for the SAT exam because I was such a poor standardized test-taker.

In addition to the services provided, the Studypoint website provides information to assist students in planning their futures. They list profile information for colleges and universities, a free SAT exam scoring tool to use with practice tests, as well as information about accessing Educational Consultants.

There is a great deal of pressure for students in our society in terms of educating themselves in order to compete in their career fields. If there is a subject area in which a student is struggling, a valuable resource to turn to would be a tutoring company such as Studypoint. The benefits of working with a one on one tutor can be remarkable. I wish I had had this opportunity.

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