Thursday, May 19, 2011

Don't Fret The Sweat: Unilver is helping kids and parents with self-esteem!

Having a high level of self-esteem is something that does not appear to come easily to many people nowadays.  Kids, tweens, teeens, and even adults struggle with self-esteem issues for various reasons.  My daughter is only seven and I am beginning to hear her make comments that are a concern.  For tweens and teens, changing bodies and hygiene cause anxiety. 

I have discussed hygiene with my students often because they are so young and are not yet recognizing that they have odor.  Walking into a fifth grade classroom after P.E. can be overwhelming!  I have urged not only daily showers, if possible, but also beginning to use deoderant. 

Unilever, the maker of Dove, Degree, and Suave deoderants, is attempting to help parents and their kids with remaining calm, cool, and collected - particularly in moments that are sweat-producing.  They are encouraging people to check out to receive money-saving offers and read suggestions/tips, tools, and real-life stories on how parents are helping their children retain their confidence. 
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