Monday, May 2, 2011

Heart of Haiti - 15% off Heart of Haiti and Rwanda Path to Peace products!


There have been so many strong women that I have been blessed to have been able to lean on in my life. First, and foremost, the woman who has helped me most in my life is my mother. As life has thrown me curveballs over the years, my mother has been just a phone call away – any time of day or night. I have always been able to count on her for saying just the right thing to me to encourage me to keep striving for what I want and to help me manage my stress. I often call her to bounce ideas off of her, no matter how silly. My mother was the first person I called years ago when I wanted to bounce around the idea of forming my jewelry business. She was entirely supportive and even helped me pin down the name. She then took it a step further and gave me a large gift box filled with supplies to get started on my new venture. My business then took off and she has been encouraging me every step of the way. I can never repay my mother for her consistent support and encouragement. I hope that I can be everything to my daughter that my mother is to me.

The artists of Macy’s Shop for a Better World/Heart of Haiti collection have created pieces that would make beautiful gifts this Mother’s Day. If you would like to see the entire collection, click here. If you use the promocode CLEVERGIRLS, you will receive a 15% off the Heart of Haiti and Rwanda Path to Peace products! This discount is from 5/3/11-5/8/11.

*Disclaimer: I was selected for this very special “CleverHaiti” opportunity by Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity. All opinions are my own.

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