Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Recording Dilemma

Author: Jonathan Suarez

My husband is always recording shows that I don’t want to watch on television. With our old cable television service we were always in an argument about what we were going to watch because he wanted to watch his programs in the den where everyone else wanted to watch something else. But ever since we got satellite television service through, he is able to record a show in the den and then watch it in another room in the house. This has probably kept us from having a lot more arguments. I mean really I don’t understand how a man his age can like watching shows like Dancing with the Stars. He can’t even dance a step. Maybe he is just living vicariously through the people on the show. Whatever his deal is, I don’t have to participate in his vicarious fantasy. So if there are more people than just me wanting to watch something in the den, then my husband goes to another room. Now if it is just the two of us, then we take turns. I know I have a lot of programs that he doesn’t like to watch either. So to be fair, I take my turn elsewhere to keep the peace.

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  1. I live alone and don't even have a TV so this dilemma has never come up in my house.

  2. He watches Dances with the Stars? I hope none of his friends read this, but if they do that might solve your whole problem, lol. We are thinking about switching from cable to a Dish, but living in Oklahoma, I am concerned how often storms might knock out service



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