Saturday, March 12, 2011

Review: Psychic Reading with Cynthia Ann

I posted a while back about my experience with psychics in the past.  I’m not sure whether you are a believer of psychics but I have always tried to keep an open mind.  I recently had a reading with psychic Cynthia Ann.  I have to admit – I was a little nervous about what Cynthia Ann was going to say to me.  I’m not sure why.  I wasn’t sure whether I was going to hear something that was going to upset me, even though I know they don’t tend to pass on scary information. 
Cynthia Ann was so easy to talk to.  She was sweet and had a very calming nature.  She spoke to me about the cards she was reading.  Some of the things she shared made sense to me and others did not.  This may have been because I just haven’t made the connection to them yet.  She did share that the new activity that I’ve started recently will be very successful, which I could only attribute to my new jewelry for my jewelry business.  This was exciting news! 
I had never done a reading over the phone before.  I wish that I could have done one face-to-face.  I wanted to see the cards and experience it in person.  I also struggled with the fact that my kids were home and I was trying to keep them entertained and listen at the same time.  They were home because it was a snow day.  Overall, they were very well behaved while I was trying to talk to Cynthia Ann.
Thank you very much to Cynthia Ann for taking the time to provide me with a reading.  I enjoyed speaking to her. 

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