Friday, March 11, 2011

My husband was supposed to be in Tokyo today....

I can't tell you how deep of a breath I took this morning when I heard the news.  Looking at the pictures made my heart pound.  I stopped breathing, imagining my husband there on business.  He was supposed to hop on a plane two days ago because his work was having an emergency.  Someone else offered to go in his place because my daughter's first gymnastics competition is this weekend.  I've always worried about him traveling, but I've been concerned about the air travel.  I'd never considered earthquakes and tsunamis.  Now I have new anxiety....He is supposed to leave for Taiwan on Monday.  I'm not sure yet he's going to be going because he is supposed to connect through the Tokyo airport.  In addition, my in-laws are in Hawaii.  Thankfully, they were sent to higher ground pretty early.   I know these events don't happen often, but I'm still going to worry.  Those poor people and their families...
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  1. Wow Kimmy! I'm so glad to hear he is safe!!!!! It's tough being the bystander when our loved ones do things that can put them in harms way. I wish you guys all the best! xoxo - patrice

  2. It´s incredible what had happend in Japan. Can´t believe all that people suffering and without home... Hope every country could help them.



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