Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Avery Office Products Review

I have two offices, one for my full-time position and one for my home jewelry business and my blog. With so much going on in my life, it is imperative that I remain organized. I have so many students on my caseload in my full-time position as a school counselor, which means a lot of paper and files, files, and more files.
For the past couple of weeks, I have been reviewing office products from Avery. I have been using them both at work and at home. In addition to an adorable tote bag, Avery sent me a generous array of products to try, including the following:

  • Removable Label Pads
  • Index Maker Clear Label Dividers
  • Easy Peel Clear Address Labels
  • Notetabs
  • Shipping Labels with Trueblock Technology
  • File Folder Labels with Trueblock Technology
I have been using the same file folders for years. I recycle them year after year for students. The labels that I use are somewhat see-through and you can see the name of the previous student underneath. Not very professional I admit. I replaced all of the labels with the File Folder Labels with Trueblock Technology and it is a much cleaner, more professional look. Now I do not have to hide the folder if I am in a meeting with a parent for fear of them seeing the name underneath their child's name. The Trueblock Technology is wonderful. The labels are bright white and professional, allowing you to either print or handwrite on them.

I am a huge fan of the Removable Label Pads! I need to have my office packed by April vacation because our school is being renovated. My office will be in another part of the building next year. I am packing boxes, but I have to admit I have been a little worried that my stuff is going to be misplaced. When I received the Label Pads, I wrote my last name and GUIDANCE on the labels and have placed them on every box and piece of furniture. They are bright - you can't miss them! This has put my anxiety at ease a bit because I know that they will be seen!

At home, I have been feeling the need to create a master binder that contains necessary documents and materials for both my jewelry business and my review and giveaway blog. I used the Index Maker Clear Label Dividers. I attempted to place the Easy Apply Label Strips in the printer to print the labels, but I simply could not get my school network printer to print them on correctly. I am not techno-savvy and it showed here. I did write on the labels and that worked just fine.

I was able to print addresses on the address labels from my printer at home. I used some of these for my son's birthday invitations. So nice! Easy to apply and they stuck right on with no problem.

Avery definitely has quality products and I look forward to using their products with my businesses in the future.  Thank you very much to Avery for allowing me the opportunity to review their products. 

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  1. When I volunteered at our church, one of my jobs was to make new labels for the folders every year. I also recycled the folders and those Trueblock labels would've definitely been very helpful.



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