Sunday, July 31, 2011

Straight Talk cell phone service can cut your bill in half!

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I feel like I’m “Ari Gold” from the show Entourage sometimes.  Let’s just say that my cell phone receives a lot of use.  I need a plan that can manage this use and keep me within my budget.  Also, I would love to upgrade my phone, but I have to wait for my contract to expire.

Straight Talk is phone service plan provided by Walmart that does not require a contract.  Straight Talk states it can cut most individuals’ cell phone plans in half.  Half!  Saving 50% certainly gains my attention!  What could I spend with the money gained each month?  I can think of numerous things I need for when I go back to work next month…

Straight Talk is a straight forward plan – no contract, no bills or extra charges that pop up, and they do not check your credit for previous issues.  They provide nationwide coverage with excellent reception, which is an important factor that basically everyone considers in deciding upon a plan.

The “All You Need Plan” is a plan that supports people who are “heavy users”.  This plan provides 1,000 minutes of use, 1,000 texts (which is quite a lot!), and 30MB of storage (which comes in handy for people who download files and pictures often).  The monthly cost is $45 for unlimited use of calls, texts, web, and more!  This amounts to $499 for the entire year!  There is no extra cost for 411 charges, which definitely peaks my interest because I tend to use 411 often.   In terms of long distance service, Straight Talk offers a long distance plan in the form of a prepaid plan that enables you to call from your cell phone, home, or office phone at low cost - so, call a friend today!

It seems that most companies’ service plans, cell phone or otherwise, require extra fees.  Extra fees are tapped on everywhere.  However, Straight Talk does not require activation, reactivation, or termination fees.  Not every plan can state this!

There are a variety of cell phones available.  Touch screen smart phones that can download apps for you and reconditioned phones (for as low as $10) with built-in mp3, camera, Bluetooth, instant messaging, web access, and more are available.  For example, the Nokia e71 galaxy time is everything you need in a phone!

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