Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Purchase Eyeglasses at Zenni Optical and Save!

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I have been wearing glasses since I was in the seventh grade.  I have had some fashionable pairs and definitely a few pairs where I wonder, “What was I thinking??”  I am one of those people that tires of the style of my glasses pretty quickly.  I go to my annual appointment, have a check-up, and use the excuse of my prescription changing to quickly go buy another pair.  In actuality, my prescription changes a miniscule amount and I could easily continue to wear my current pair, but you won’t tell my husband that, will you? Ssshhh….

I often purchase from local eyewear shops that allow pickup within an hour.  I find they are hit or miss in terms of my kind of style of frames.  I have only purchased one pair at my actual optometrist’s office and I swore I would never do that again.  The price was ridiculous.  This past year, I picked out my frames at the optometrist’s office and then purchased them online.  I think I saved maybe $50.00.  They were still expensive.

I have found a site where I can get the best of both worlds.  Zenni Optical offers frames at ridiculously low prices! Not only are there frames at a low price, but they are adorable and fashionable frames!  I could buy several pairs and satisfy my craze for new frames and not feel guilty about my purchase.  I found frames I liked that were only $19.99!  I would easily save approximately $250!  That’s a huge savings!

Zenni Optical also has a cool feature to assist you in making your purchase online.  You can upload a photo of yourself and try on the glasses!  That’s perfect! My husband is never able to go to the store with me to help me in making me decision about which frames to buy.  I can try them on virtually and have him help me at home!

Zenni Optical was mentioned recently in Time magazine, specifically the "Eyes on the Price", July 4, 2011 edition.  It was discussed in the article that Time editor, Bill Saporito, actually paid $1,000 for a pair of eyeglasses!  A Time reader followed up with a comment regarding this unbelievable purchase.

“Hey, Bill, Can You Read This?
Please tell me editor Bill Saporito is receiving mental-health treatment, because he is insane for spending $1,000 on a single pair of glasses. I buy glasses from Zenni Optical, an online site. It's $20 for a complete set at my doorstep, shipping included”.
-Peter Minton, Winsted, Conn.

I would strongly recommend checking out before purchasing from an optometrist's office or local eyewear store.  Think about what you can buy with the money saved!
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