Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How To Be A Mean Mother

I was given this poem years ago. I just pulled it out of the drawer to share with you and wonder what your thoughts are. It doesn't have an author on the page, so I don't know who to credit.

A mean mother never allows
candy or sweets
to take the place of a well-balanced meal.
A mean mother insists on knowing where
her children are at all times.
Who their friends are and what they do.
A mean mother breaks the
Child Labor Laws by
making her children work - washing dishes,
making beds learning to cook and doing
other cruel and unpleasant chores.
A mean mother makes life miserable for
her offspring by insisting that they
always tell the truth.
A mean mother produces teenagers who
are wiser and more sensible.
A mean mother can smile with secret
delight and
pride when she hears her own
grandchildren call their parents mean.
What the world needs now are more
mean mothers and fathers.

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