Thursday, December 2, 2010

InvitesNow Review

InvitesNow has “paper and gifts for the {IN} crowd”, including Stationery, Invitations, Announcements, and Cards.   InvitesNow has a beautiful website, I was instantly impressed.  It is easy to navigate and I was impressed with how you can easily access the information you are looking for without having to read a ton of information. 
About {IN}:
“Be in a part of the {IN} crowd and “Get your Invites NOW!”
At Invites NOW, service, quality and timeliness are our obsession.
“INVITES” stands for the diverse design selection of paper and gift products that we offer to the {IN} crowd.  We love the idea that our paper goods and gift items find their way into your most personal celebrations, and we don’t take the honor lightly. We’re constantly looking for creative and unexpected ways to bring great design into the world of paper and gifts.
“NOW” represents the importance of getting your order to you without further ado!  We pride ourselves on the digital printing method we use to print your order on-demand and the quality we deliver to your doorstep. We stand behind our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Because we believe that on-line stores should make your life easier, we also offer a collection of add-on items, including gift stickers, address labels, bag tags, business cards, note cards and more.  Your shopping experience is now complete!”
Rosanne from InvitesNow was kind enough to let me review both address labels and gift stickers.  I often receive the free address labels in the mail from various charities.  However, I have always wanted prettier, classier labels, but have never followed through with buying them.  I was so impressed with the vast number of choices.  I chose the label below because the pink/chocolate brown combination is one of my favorites.   They are a little larger than the average label I use, but they are absolutely perfect for sending packages in the mail.  I tend to send many packages, particularly for my small jewelry business.  I am thinking I need to go order some for my business!

I have never seen personalized gift stickers before!  Where have I been?!  I LOVE them! It makes gift wrapping easier and saves time by not having to write on the stickers.  I used to wrap gifts for Shreve, Crump, & Low in Boston for years.  I take great pride in my wrapping and making presents look beautiful.  I think these gift stickers definitely make the present look better overall.  I chose an ornament design and personalized them with all of our names for the Christmas presents for our family and friends.  They look wonderful and I look forward to take on all the wrapping!


Lastly, I just wanted to share this with you!  I LOVE this! 
"We believe IN:
We believe in laughter, hand written notes, fresh flowers and good 
We believe in recycling, capturing precious moments on film and 
sharing good news
We believe that just because something looks and feels expensive, 
doesn't mean it has to be
We believe in showing appreciation, baking sweet treats and 100%  
satisfied customers
We believe in Emily Post, but sometimes you have to follow your own
personal style"

Thank you so much to Rosanne for the opportunity to review InvitesNow products.  I wish I had known about InvitesNow when my son was born.  I love the Baby Announcements!


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