Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I am LOVING Shutterfly!


I have used Shutterfly for years in designing beautiful holiday cards as well as personalized gifts for our family members. I keep copies of each card every year because I love to look at them and see how our family has changed over the years. First, it was just my husband and I, then we added our pets, then of course, our daughter came along. This year I am so excited to add our new son to the photo. These cards reflect how our family has grown and every time I look at them I smile!

I have loved taking different photos, arranging them in various ways, and customizing them with the numerous designs that Shutterfly offers. It has been hard to choose the design each year because there are so many! I don't expect it to be any easier this year! Do I choose more of a refine/conservative look or more fun with lots of different color? Do I choose a Christmas themed card or a more general Holiday card? One other card option that I am toying with is the Holiday Story Card. You can highlight milestones that your children achieved or important events that occurred during the year in addition to your photos.

Regardless of my choice, I do know that once I make make my decision and design and customize my card, I will have a beautiful photo to share with our family and friends.  I created a card today that has my favorite photo of the year - the first time my daughter held my son.  I cried when her face lit up as she held him in her arms and told him she loved him.  I will never forget this moment and this card allows me to share it with everyone else. 


Check out Shutterfly today and see what you can create with your photos!

*Disclaimer: I did not receive monetary compensation for this post.  The opinions expressed here are solely my own.  I be receiving 50 free holiday cards in return for this post. 



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